About Pete

"Nothing is impossible. No matter how tough you think you have it, one good mentor, some faith, a plan and a lot of hard work can change everything in your life." 

                                                                                               - Pete Gaglio

To know Pete’s story, is to know he speaks the truth.

Growing up in a broken home – surrounded by fighting, violence and drugs – Pete’s life could have taken a very different direction. But Pete had goals and dreams that he formed into plans… and with the help of a passionate step-mom who brought him to Delaware County, and a devoted teacher or two, he aggressively pursued an education and became not just the first member of his immediate family to graduate from high school, but from college too.

Pete knows everyone is facing challenges. Some are obvious, public and painful, some are deeply personal but no less tough to overcome. Pete is running for State Representative to fight for all of us – no problem will be too small, no issue too little – and to help those who need a hand up on their journey.

A proud graduate of Williamson College of the Trades, where he served three years as class president and volunteered for others much less fortunate in the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico, Pete uses what he learned as a Power Plant Technology major as an Industrial Boiler technician for clients in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware.

Married to Claire, Pete has lived in our community for nearly 15 years and is building a life here devoted to community service, volunteerism and helping make life easier for those struggling to make ends meet. His number one priority as State Representative will be to protect our hard-earned tax dollars and stand up to extreme career politicians who spend too much, borrow too much and tax too much – all to fund the special interests.

Pete knows firsthand how a good education and quality teachers can inspire dramatic life change. That’s why he’ll always support our local public schools and the men and women who teach our children in the classroom. He’ll also fight for our fair share of state funding to keep taxes low here at home while ensuring our children and grandchildren are learning in quality schools that give them the foundation on which to build successful lives – whether that’s through a college degree or a trade school education. He’ll ensure technical and career training is properly funded as well as programs for those pursing college careers.

Pete has worked hard his entire life - from odd jobs to pay small bills as a teenager to restaurant work throughout trade school to internships with local elected officials and now as a boiler technician. He knows we must protect the rights of workers and create an environment that fosters new technologies and new jobs that support working families. If that means the career politicians need a dose of reality and commonsense, Pete will deliver that for all of us in Harrisburg.

Because a good job and quality schools demand safe neighborhoods, Pete will stand shoulder to shoulder with local law enforcement officials. He’ll make sure we get our share of school safety grants and other federal and state money to help our police, fire and first responders keep our families, children and seniors safe.

He’ll fight for our fair share of federal and state grant money to fund other vital needs too – with a focus on important infrastructure projects that help grow our local economy and create jobs.

Pete is a graduate of Interboro High School, Williamson College of the Trades and currently employed by Delval Equipment as a Boiler Technician. He’s served the Glenolden Historical Committee as a Memorial Day volunteer and during community events and meetings. He’s also served as a Prospect Park Borough volunteer, attending meetings, working election polls and distributing materials to constituents. 

Pete is running for State Representative to help make sure others have the opportunity to succeed – and to help make life just a little easier for everyone who’s lucky enough to call our area home.